Edited by: Nemanja

This year's Oscars are on Sunday, February 24.

The top 5 in the predictions for best picture are:

1. Lincoln

2. Argo

3. Zero Dark Thirty

4. Les Miserables

5. Silver Linings Playbook

Les Miserables almost made me cry, but I honestly think the film Lincoln will win.

The top 5 in the predictions for best costume design are:

1. Paco Delgado, from the film Les Miserables

2. Jacqueline Durran, from the film Anna Karenina

3. Eiko Ishioka, from the film Mirror Mirror

4. Joanna Johnston, from the film Lincoln

5. Sharen Davis, from the film Dijango Unchained

I loved the film Mirror Mirror and i'm pretty sure it will win this award. The costumes really fit in with the scenes.

The top 5 predictions for best original song are:

1. "Suddenly" (Hugh Jackman, from the film "Les Miserables")

2. "Skyfall" (Adele, from the film "Skyfall")

3. "Learn me right" (Birdy/Mumford & Sons, from the film "Brave")

4. "Ancora Qui" (Ennio Morricone, from the film "Django Unchained)

5. "From Here To The Moon And Back" (Dolly Parton, from the film "Joyful Noise")

I really think Les Miserables will win this award because unlike typical musicals or films the songs in this film were not prerecorded.

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May The Best Nominee Win!!!!! :)