By Boris
Editor Claire

Schools have always been thought to be safe. When I think of schools I think of math, desks, friends, teachers and recess, a safe environment. But because of the recent incident at Sandy Hook School people are thinking of different ways to make schools safer.

One idea to improve school safety is to put armed guards at schools to protect the kids. But there aren't enough cops to cover all the schools. Another solution is to restrict the types of weapons that people can buy. It's in the US Constitution that we have the right to bear arms. People are allowed to carry certain weapons for self defense or hunting. A license is required to have a weapon, though some people might think it's still too easy to get a weapon in the wrong person's hands. I think this is an important issue.

People are not overreacting about the issue of school safety. Measures need to be taken to prevent this from happening again and to protect children.
But we need to remember that schools are still very safe places. What do you think?

Good things can come out of bad things. Volunteers are helping the kids of Sandy Hook School by moving stuff from their old school into their new school to make it feel familiar. People across the country are sending letters to the people affected and others are sending money to help. The safety of schools is being examined and improved. A lot of people went out of their way to help the people who were affected. Through the bad events that happened we were able to see some real life heroes.