Valentine's Dance at the Fitness Center!!By: Sofia S.Editor: Lejla V.

Every year at the Fitness Center there is a Valentine's Dance hosted by the Niles Teen Center. Schools that are going to Niles West are invited to go to the dance. You don't have to be a member to attend the dance. It's fun to attend because if you have friends that go to a different school, you can see them there. You can also meet new friends! The cost to go to the dance was 10 dollars last year and this year too, and it includes 4 tickets to buy refreshments and snacks. There is a DJ that plays up to date music, but is also willing to take requests of any old songs.

So I decided to interview Claire E. and Lejla V. because they went last year.

Q: What feature did you like best about the dance last year?

A: C: I liked the music/DJ, and also socializing with everyone.

A: L: I liked the fact that I could see my friends from other schools and just have fun!

Q: Did you like the music that was played?

A: C: Yes, because we were not limited by the contents of the music. The DJ played any song we wanted.

A: L: I liked the fact that we could suggest songs and they were just typical songs played on the radio we listen to.

Q: Was it nice to see your friends from other schools?

A: C: Yeah.

A: L: Yes.

Q: Did you think that it was nicely organized?

A: C: There was a lot of running around and crazy younger students that didn't know how to behave at a dance.

A: L: There's always drama that people can't control and overall it was well managed.

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