7th grade
8th grade

Last year the sixth and seventh grade basketball teams had a

very unsuccessful season, but this year the seventh and eighth
graders are determined to fix that. With more intense training,
newer strategies, and a new attitude on the player's faces.
After the tryouts, the seventh grade team has 14 players
and the eighth grade team has 14 players too. The seventh
grade team needs more experience, but with good
training,formation,and effort they can be successful.
The seventh grade coach, Mr.Pettit, has many different ideas from
last year, so I believe that this year will be different.
As for the eighth graders, Mr.Palazzolo is also a very talented
athlete and will use his experiences to push the eighth graders to
an effective playing team.

by Nathan Edited by Maeve

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Now here is feedback from an interview with Mr.Pettit.

Question 1: What are your expectations and goals for the team this year?
Answer : My expectation is that each individual player will develop a skill and/or improve his knowledgeof the game. If that happens, the team as a whole will improve throughout the season.

Question 2: What do you think are the team's strengths and weaknesses?
Answer : Strengths- the boys seem to be in good physical condition and eager to learn. Weaknesses- Most of the players have little playing experience.

Question 3: For a team that seems to run small, how do you plan to use that to their advantage?
Answer : I don't think our team is small; however, at the seventh grade level,
I do like to emphasize defense and ball handling.

Question 4: How did you become the seventh grade coach?
Answer : When I was hired to teach at Culver, I replaced the 7th grade boys' basketball coach. The principal asked me to fill that position.

Question 5: How do you think that the eighth graders, who were your previous team are doing?
Answer : The 8th grade looks much improved from last year. Mr.Palazzolo is an excellent coach. In addition, many of the boys have gotten stronger and faster.

Question 6: what are some similarities and differences you see between eighth and seventh?
Answer : Similarities between this year's and last year's seventh grade team is that both need(ed) to develop skills and knowledge of the game. With each successive year, the game becomes faster and requires the players to think more. The difference is the current 7th grade team is shorter than last year's team but faster.