By: Love
Edited by: Andy
I believe Culver Elementary School should have longer recess. I feel like our time to go outside is too short and therefore we should have longer recess. I think we should have maybe 30 or 35 minutes to go out. There are many reasons why I think we should have longer recess. One reason we should go outside more is because it helps you exercise. We all need more exercise. Recess can make kids smarter and keeps them stimulated. Kids that play outside on a regular basis at school and at home tend to have higher achievement and test scores. After kids play outside, they pay better attention and become more focused during class. Along with that, Kids can get some fresh air and run around. Recess teaches kids to cooperate with other kids. You can also make new friends and meet other people. Studies show that being outside can make kids happier. It can increase self-esteem, too. When they play outside, kids feel happier than when being inside( I went around and asked.) The things kids like to do at recess are: playing with their friends, going on the swings, and climbing the monkey bars. I also think that letting kids outside to play longer will benefit for teachers too. They will have more time to prepare for a lesson. They will also have some free time, too. This is my very last reason. I think you all agree with me on this. Recess is... AWESOME!!!
These are my important reasons why I think we should have longer recess. I hope you all agree!
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