By: Evan
Edited by: Isaiah
Clash of Clans is an app that you can play on an iPhone, iPad and iPod. This app allows you to build a village and choose your troops for battle. You battle to earn gold and elixir. You have to defend your village and protect your gold and elixir. You can build archer towers, cannons, and land wizard towers, so you will have high defenses during a battle. You might use a lot of gold, but it is worth it for tough raids. You should also have walls that protect your village. Next, you need to have high resources. That means a lot of gold and elixir. Then, you get rid of trees, bushes, and trunks to find gems. Getting rid of trees, bushes, and trunks also helps to level up your village. The last important step in Clash of Clans is joining up with people everywhere. Other players can gift troops to your clan, but there is a limit. The highest gift is 25 troops. If you want to join my clan leave it in comments. Click on the links below to learn more about Clash of Clans.
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